Saturday, March 29, 2003

OK Josh - the challenge is to produce en e-Learning poem each week - can you do it?

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Time and Assessment 1- another poem

Where does the time go each week?
Coz time is upon us(me) oh how our first assignment did creep
I have subscribed to some e-Zines and e-Newsletters for my mind to feed
And to learn something new with the possibility of an interesting read

A list of Subscribed relevant e-Zines and e-Newsletters

Polson HR & Training Brokers
There are many different topics posted on this site
It is worth a visit and you'll get some insite
Into Leadership Behaviour and Youth Education
And Training programs they source from other organisations

This is more centred around the world of e-Learning
And there are many different articles if you are yearning
To find out more about Learning Management Systems
And Best Practices for e-Learning - cooooooore get your minds in!!!!
There are many articles here for the Global setting
You'll be there soon, that's what I am betting.

ACM eLearn
This is another great site to join
So many articles, I have a tingle in my groin
Headings such as 'Irish farmers to receive web based training'
And an 'Online Terrorism class' mind is straining

A great place to visit for general e-Learning knowledge
It's easy for the eyes and if edible would taste like poridge
This is where there is that great Glossary
Found by our very own sandy (rhyming is a challenge)